A 2 hour treatment with guaranteed results!

A seaweed based mud is applied to the body and allowed to act for a full hour. The active ingredients “shrink” fat cells. Results remain for 30 days where weight does not increase. This is not a water retention quick fix, you are encouraged to drink to continue the detox!

  • Single Session
  • Course of 3

This detoxifying body wrap encourages elimination of toxins from the body, encourages metabolism and leaves skin hydrated.

Shrinking Violet (Shankill Salon)

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap works by Lipolysis. It is a revolutionary method for removing unwanted body fat. The fat is removed from the areas you want without effort or discomfort. The amount of fat reduction varies depending on your build, but many people may reduce by one full dress size after the first treatment. Unwanted fat in difficult areas such as the stomach, bottom, upper thighs, hips and upper arms is a big problem. Lipolysis offers pain-free slimming breaking down triglycerides inside the cells into fatty acids which can then be excreted in tissue fluid through the lymphatic system

  • Removes fat from difficult areas
  • Non-invasive
  • Pain-free
  • Reduce by a dress size in a single treatment

Choose from:

  • Single session
  • Course of 3
  • Course of 6